Flipping cars

make money flipping cars

How to make money flipping cars

This is one of the secrets of making good and easy money anywhere in the world we reckon. Selling cars for profit is something that you have to learn from trial and errors but if you succeed you can make serious money. Car flipping today moved from small ads on newspapers to the online world with people trying to flip cars on sites such as ebay, craigslist and so on.

The key here is to make sure you do the following:

  • Buy Cheap on sites such as craigslist.
  • Sell for More
  • Start simple, with cars that sell such as the ford F150 or a Camry
  • Take good pictures

How to flip cars

Not talking about funny stuff here, just good ol'fashioned buying, cleaning it up a bit and selling it. The secret is to know how to make a car look better so a person that is more prone to make a decision based on the external appearance of a car buys it. So

  • Clean it good, including the engine bay. Video on how to wash the car engine bay here.
  • Take amazing pictures
  • Write great blurbs
  • Post it on LOCAL listings and this includes cars.com, Craigslist, Autotrader and variants in the UK and Australia

How to buy cheap cars

The idea is to look find what cars are usually going for in real life and look for those people trying to sell them for less. Then buy these cars, clean them up and sell them for more. This is so good... you eventually can even own a store.
* Look for the average asking price online
* Go meet in person.
* Negotiate down as much as possible. This means: lowball offering cash, then increase offer. SHAMELESSLY.
* Be careful. Only take cash with you if you are sure of where you are and you are safe.

Buying at car auctions

Buying at car auctions car be a huge money maker. Auto Auction Mall is a good place to start.

  • If you want to find a auction near you visit the NIADA website
  • Here is a step by step to know what to do

How to get money short term (not now)

Here we talk about ways you don't get money now, but you actually learn about the roads that exist that will take you to a better future. We do these things ourselves.

Earn thousands.
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Sell cars
Some call it car flipping.
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Movie Extras
Earn a quick $200.
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Buy for a dollar, sell for 2.
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Free stuff everywhere.
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Buy in China. Sell here.
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Find hidden gems.
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Rent a room. Or a couch.
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Rent your car out. Or two.
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Medical Testing
It may earn you thousands.
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Sperm Donor
Help others and make money.
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Cell Phone Flipping
Some people make 50k/year!
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Online Surveys
It will earn you some cash quickly.
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Speak any other language?
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Freelance Writing
It is possible.
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