Make money medical testing

make money medical testing

Make money with paid medical testing

Clinical trials are a way that pharmaceutical companies use as a step towards full commercialization of their products. Before they go through the entire process - spending about a billion dollars on average on a medication - they start with small scale testing on rats and other mammals until they get to small scale testing on people moving on to large scale testing and full approval.

Find paid medical testing in your area

Here is a website that will help you find paid medical testing in your area:

In order to earn extra cash with paid clinical trials, you need to know how to find them, apply and qualify, perform whatever is necessary which sometimes include sitting in medical rooms, taking notes, doing quizzes and so on. Then you get paid.

Make money with medical research and clinical trials

You can make as much as 100 bucks everyday with some you can make as much as 15 THOUSAND. Seriously. NASA had a study that paid 15k in 2016. The catch was you had to lay in a bed for 2 months you you could not standup. Not once.

Clinical trials in the UK

Clinical trials in the US

Try the following companies, all of which are the best medical trial companies in the US

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