Daily saving tips

Saving money, who does not want that? There are plenty of ways to save money. The best way is to spend no money at all. At Moneyless.orgyou can find many tips about how to lead a rich life without money. But what about saving money, and good tips for saving? There are many websites and blogs that can help you with that.

Get rid of debts

The most important and best way for saving money is to be out of debt. It really sucks to pay interest, and if you can, aside from a bit of emergency money, use all your money to pay of all your debts.

Mortgages are less urgent, but even there, unless you're going for a foreclosure, you'll have to pay off this debt and it's better to do this as soon as possible.

This also includes keeping the use of credit cards to the bare minimum. A credit card is indispensable for buying things online, but it's still a form of debt. Don't use it when you can use cash or a debit card instead.

Get a clear idea about your expenditure

What are you spending money on? Once you get a better idea about where you're money goes you can find better ways for saving.

Reduce your ongoing expenses

Most people can easily save on recurring costs.

Less money for food

We wrote up some great way to save money on food, even to not spend any money at all.

Get rid of your car

Thanks to insurance, tax, maintenance and the price of gas a car can easily cost you 400 dollars and up, each and every month. It might not seem easy to get rid of it, but especially when living in a city, public transport can be a good alternative and it give you a lot of extra time to read books. If you use your bicycle more you'll burn fat instead of money. And if you still need a car now and then car sharing might be a good alternative. And you might chuckle at the thought but hitchhiking actually works well in most places on earth and it's a great way to meet new people.

Convinced? We have some more tips for getting rid of your car.

Use less energy and other resources

  • Choose energy saving light bulbs next time you need to replace a bulb.
  • If water is boiling you can turn down the gas. There's no point in putting in more energy in heating as long as the bubbles come out of the water.
  • Don't flush the toilet if you merely peed. Or if that's too much for you, make sure your toilet has two modes for flushing
  • Turn your heater down a notch and use warm bottles instead.
  • At times walk or bike instead of taking your car.

Give up bad habits

Drink less, stop smoking.

Turn off the lights in rooms that you're not sitting in.

Share instead of buy

You need to drill a hole? A ladder for painting? You might be able to share these things instead of buying new products.

Watch out for deals

You have to be careful when searching on the internet for "saving money". There are a lot of websites that make money with this, they write tips that help you save money, but these website are in fact inciting you to spend more money, with tips for all kinds of deals. These are deals of stuff that you would not buy otherwise. And in the end you are spending more money! So watch out for ads and so-called deals. It's easy to buy something in a whim, especially when there's a loan attached to it.

How to travel with no money

How to travel without money? Many people love traveling. Discovering new places and meeting new people. Common belief is that traveling is expensive. This doesn't really have to be the case. How to travel with no money? First of all, change your attitude towards money. Then change your attitude towards traveling. Here are the best tips.

Share stuff

Networks for sharing stuff are great to get to use things such as tools. You don't need to buy anything, because you can simply ask your neighbor if you can borrow from them. For example a bicycle pump or a ladder for painting. Many people are already doing this in their neighborhood: "Quickly ask the neighbor if we can borrow his drill."

Free haircuts

Free haircuts can be had in different ways. If you find yourself moneyless it doesn't mean you need to walk around like a bum. We all know hairdressers are quite expensive in the Western world. So let's look at some alternatives.