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elf Pavlik

Elf Pavlik gave up money in 2009 after he had come back to Europe from San Francisco. In California he had been working for a highly competitive internet company that was mainly trying to compete with other companies, without really producing anything to make people happy. He decided he had enough of that and started living in nature for a while and he tried to give up money. When coming back to Europe he was living and working on wwoofing farms and decided to completely give up the idea of money. While at it he also decided to leave his passport with recycling paper, consequentially Elf is living without money or papers. No insurance, no rent, no bosses, not more personal belongings than he needs.

Some people think a life without money is very sad. But Pavlik is the opposite of sadness. He's always looking on the bright side of things.

Pavlik has chosen to live in a different reality, ahead of his time, working towards a world in which money is meaningless. A world without borders and states.
He's working a lot on decentralizing the web, a proponent of open web technologies such as Persona. A lot of his code is available at https://github.com/elf-pavlik and you can interact with him on Twitter through @elfpavlik.

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elf Pavlik - Strictly Moneyless from Side Ways on Vimeo.

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