How to save money on groceries

There are two things sure in life, death and taxes. And actually, there is a third thing we can be sure of: inflation. Over time prices of almost any product except high tech toys like computers and phones are rising. This is especially obvious with groceries. World food prices have been rising more steadily in recent years. And you might feel that in your wallet. Saving money on groceries is a good way to get around it. How to save money on groceries? Well, here are some tips.

Start tracking expenses

If you're serious about saving money you first need to have an idea about how much you're spending on groceries. Keep track of your expenses. If you're already using money management software you can also track your receipts from supermarkets with it. If you're not yet using software the best way to get started might be with your mobile phone. There are some useful Android apps you can try for this.

Stop going to expensive restaurants

Stop going to expensive restaurants. Also stop going to cheap restaurants as the food in a lot of fast food places is not doing much good to your health. And being and staying healthy is a great way to save money in the long run. Preparing your own food is the best way to stay low on sugar, salt and saturated fat, the three main causes of health problems such as diabetics, heart and artery failures.

Discount and bulk

Buy larger quantities as long as you're sure that you won't waste the food. A big fridge or freezer can come in handy for this. Buy discounted products when you come across them and you know you're going to need them.

Don't waste food

Never waste food. The bottom of the jar of peanut butter might be a great addition to your next fusion Asian dish.
Dinner leftovers can be stored in tupperware boxes and reheated the next day for lunch.

Getting food without any money at all

If you're ready to get your hands dirty we have an extensive article about how to get food without money. It encompasses tips such as dumpster diving, growing your own food and asking for free food.

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