Raphael Fellmer

Some people have consciously chosen for a life without money. Raphael Fellmer and his family have been living without money or income since 2010, "to increase consciousness about responsibility, that we all carry for hunger, injustice and environmental damage." Raphael is living in Berlin with wife and children. He has been on TV several times. He's also working with Foodsharing.de, a project that encourages people to stop wasting food and giving out food for free to those who need it.

Happy without money

In 2014 Raphael's book Happy without Money was published.

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Forward the Revolution Official Trailer from Lemon Face Films.

Living Moneyless: Mark Boyle

Living without money, how does that work out in practice? The Irishman Mark Boyle has been doing it since November 2008 and he's having a great time. He's living in England in an old caravan given to him. He start symbolically on Buy Nothing Day, a yearly day to not buy anything together with others.