No money

Having no money makes life in our society hard. At first sight at least. It can be solution as well. It's challenging you to come up with new ways to satisfy your needs. Although having no money is often experienced as negative it can also be a positive thing.

Our society is based on the money economy: all transactions are monetary. But does it apply to everything? No! The most beautiful things in life are free. And above all: there are alternative ways to get food, even if you don't have money. And even if you are pregnant without money you can raise your baby in a nice and beautiful way.

Many people immediately think about borrowing money when their money is all spent. Some even borrow money without any regular income. Everyone can make their own choice, but here on Moneyless you will mainly find a lot of tips about how to get around for free.

Another alternative is bartering. There are many people who live without money, who made a conscious choice to give up cash and other forms of currency. They consciously don't have money, some even live stateless. Some satisfy their needs by exchanging services, others prefer to think of doing it pay-it-forward style. Often this is an inspiration to people who involuntarily don't have money. In other words: how to be rich without money.

If living without money is too radical for you, you can also simply save money.

Further reading

Moneyless world

A moneyless society is a very utopian idea. Nevertheless human beings were living in a world without money at some point in the past. According to Wikipedia money emerged already around 12,000 BC. Though the first coins have been created quite a bit later.

Free weed: drugs ain't funny

Hey at least it's not crack

It might sound funny, but there are ways to get free weed if you don't have money. The first thing to add of course it that drugs are bad. You should not use drugs, even if they are free. But if you are going to smoke weed anyway you might as well do so without losing money. Here are some tips.