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If you look around for cheap loans you may quickly find some good offers. Through the internet you can find dozens of cheap loans providers with a low interest rate. But what if the loan appears to be more expensive after one year, or if your income drops? Many people choose expensive loans without realizing. A contract is quickly signed and before you know it you're stuck with an expensive loan.

Here on we offer information on living with little or even completely without money. We're writing this article about cheap loans but especially with people in mind who already don't have much income or who are already in debt. What ways are there to get out of debt and how can they borrow money cheaply without too much risk?

Cheap loans for bad credit

One way of searching for cheap loans when you have a bad credit rating or with little income is to visit a social loan organisation. In some countries there are special organisations to help people who are in debt. and who are looking for ways out of their situations. They can help you to find better loans so you can cancel your old and rather expensive loans. It is worth investigating into this as your monthly payments may decrease at once. Especially when you can opt for loan repayments without having to pay penalties, often the case with a loans such as a revolving credit.

If you're super indebted and you feel stuck in your situation there might even be ways by which you can receive full debt cancellation if you choose for personal bankrupt. Via this option you may not have much money in hand for some years but after that period is over you will be free again. It will empower you to be free of debt. In the meantime you can take it as a challenge to live with little money and use some of the tips we offer on how you can get by anyhow.

Situations such as this varies greatly between countries. The situation in the United States is different than from the UK for example, as well as other English speaking countries. At a later stage we will provide more information about the different situations and solutions.

High risk of loans

It is said that cheap loans are important for the economy to grow. Access to money is inevitable to increase domestic consumption as well for companies to invest in their business. However cheap loans also pose a risk to society as well as to individuals. If people borrow too much money and interests rates increase in the meanwhile, people may find increasing difficulty in repaying their loans and hence they will have a shortage of money for basic goods such as paying their rent or buying food. At the sametime this could bring down whole economies if living on credit is widespread.

Cheap car loans

If you don't have cash at hand now and you want to buy a car (and you shouldn't!) it's a good idea to look for a cheap car loan. We have an entire article about car loans if you persist.

Cheap payday loans

Cheap payday loans can be a solution if you're missing some bucks towards the end of the month to buy groceries or gas to get to your job. It's recommended to always carefully read the small print of whatever "cheap" payday loan contract you're signing. Payday loans are a quick way to get bad credit rating, be careful!

Borrow from a friend

Borrowing money from friends can be one of the cheapest ways to get a loan. Friends usually don't charge interest. You have to be aware that it can destroy friendships if you don't make proper arrangements about paying back the debt.

"If you are desperate" loans

Lender Type Amount Cost Features Action
payday loans $500 to $35,000 Personal up to 35.99% APR Any Credit Score, easy online application Get a Loan
payday loans Up to $500 Payday Up to 230.08% Fast Cash. Simple Process. Instant Decision! Get a Loan
payday loans Up to $10,000 Personal Up to 36% Easy application, eligibility check won't affect your credit score Get a Loan
payday loans Up to $500 Payday Up to 782.14% Cash in 24h Get a Loan
payday loans Up to $1000 Payday Up to 391% Cash in 24h Get a Loan
payday loans Up to $1000 Payday N/A Instant Approval Get a Loan
payday loans Up to $1000 Debt Consolidation N/A Reduce Your Debt by 50% Consolidate Your Loans
payday loans Up to $1500 Payday & Title Loans up to 782.14% Approved in Minutes Get a Loan
payday loans Up to $1000 Payday 200% to 2,290% All Credit Welcome Get a Loan

This article is partly translated from, where you can also find a lot more in-depth information about the situation around loans in the Netherlands.

Cheap loans online

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Free credit report

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Car sharing

No money to buy a car? Be glad, because without a car you have fewer problems. You could try car sharing instead. Car sharing is a global trend and it can be a pretty good option besides public transport or even hitchhiking. Car sharing is a relatively good solution for saving money. Sharing a car without money is only possible if you're driving a sponsored car or if you have a friend who lets you use their car.