Write for Moneyless

You are welcome to contribute to Moneyless. You can send us interesting stories about things that happened in your life, inspiring projects or interviews with people who have lived or are living without money or who are working on great projects. We have a wide range of topics of interest, including things like basic income, cryptocurrencies, saving money and using free software.

Over the years we have received some nice contributions for example Travel trains without spending money and Really Free Everything in London.

Contact us if you have a nice article or story to improve this website.

We can also pay you to write for us.

If we hire you to write for us we have some guidelines:

  • Titles and possible other keywords are very important. So use them as much as possible as we provided them. We base these on research we do with our own SEO tool, Rankshaper. We almost always want to score in Google with the title, to get to the first page for people looking for this exact title.
  • It's good to keep people on the page with that first paragraph. Give people appropriate information, about what they're looking when they're searching for those keywords.
  • It's good to always have an introduction and a conclusion in articles. In the intro it's best to use the exact title, if possible in the first sentence.
  • We aspire to be a critical and progressive voice about finance. If something sucks, this should be clear to readers.


It's important to look for other results for the main keywords. Never copy any of that text verbatim. It's OK to be creative. The result should definitely not be considered a copy with copyscape.com.

If you find quality info with websites such as Wikipedia, governmental institutions, newspapers, it's good to leave URLs of those pages in the article. It's always good to link to quality sources.

Provide the text

It's most convenient if you can deliver texts as markdown.
The next most convenient is probably RTF.

Editorial guidelines

Here we can write the editorial guidelines and style so we can build structured, consistent and engaging articles.


~~Q: Are we going to refer to people in second person informal or formal v. usted ?~~
Q: Does accents affect the keywords e.g., prestamos online sin nomina v. préstamos online sin nómina
Use both, because it may affect the SEO


We are guiding people. We don't need to be authoritative.
Write in an active form.
"We have a tool for you to help you to compare"
"You want a cheap loan, but what is a cheap loan"
No adquieras un préstamo


1) We need a standard template that we insert in these type of pages with all the alternatives. Inside the page we want a summary of this stuff, linking to other pages with more information. You have some of this stuff already written down in other pages, so now it is the idea to put that together in some kind of template.

Header/main title

  1. One paragraph
  2. Bullet-points
  3. Table
  4. If it is the case, reviews


  1. Header
  2. Two paragraphs
  3. Bullet-points
  4. Quote


Per table max info should be 1 or 2 points in extra info box. Otherwise it becomes unreadable for cellphone, plus people have to read a lot of stuff (which they don't do). So it is good to have, but not a good way to present.

We should standardize the comments, like what you did with the amount of time. We could do the same with info such as first loan for free or not. Like this we could make like 4/5 different tables with each time a bit different information. So please keep on collecting them.