How to make money on the internet

You can make a lot of money on the online, even while sleeping. You just need to know how to start. If you're seriously interested in making money online, you will need the enthusiasm and the capacity to learn while doing including learning how to make your online business grow. The sky is the limit with a bit of persistence (and even there, people like Richard Branson disagree).

You can think of creating apps and internet sites if you know how to code (or if you're willing to learn). You can also consider making videos, or specialize yourself in search engine optimization and websites with advertising. When it grows enough, you can even get investment to make it go viral. Making money online: the possibilities are endless, but you have to know what works and what doesn't. Here you find some tips about making money on the internet but you can start many types of businesses besides an internet business!

Make money online

  • Learn how to start a business and pick the best kind of internet business for you. It starts by having the mindset of a business person of always winning and being persistent with your objective regardless of how hard it will get.
  • Make sure you do what you know meaning apply what your skills are. If you are a salesperson, go sell what you love! If you are an artist, go sell art and so on.
  • Learn the tricks of growing your internet business including getting friends to help out, low cost ways of advertising and get the reviews going!
  • Find investment if you can in order to grow your business including that from venture capitalists ans startup businesses.

Make money online

Make money online: HOW TO START

The internet is a powerful technology in the world today. The globe's population has instantaneous access to it via social media and online search. So you can use this technology to make money in various ways as described in this page. The best part about make money on the internet at home and quickly is that anyone can do it.

  • Investigate all the types of businesses that you want to start and make sure you consider your competitive advantage. You can make money online email marketing. You can make money online dropshipping, you can make money online gambling, you make money online betting, you make money online poker, you can make money online investing. Regardless, make sure you invest your time on what you want!
  • Start with a single and simple goal: make 1 dollar. Then move up all the way to how to make money online $100 a day!
  • Consider teaming up with friends that want to make money online selling. Get your best friends together and go make money online store!

Make money online


There are so many ways to make money in the internet. In fact, the possibilities are virtually infinite. However it does require some discipline. The best way to start making money on the internet is with your own website. But, if you don't like that you can try another ways to make money online. And if you are disciplined, you can make a lot of money and to be rich.

  • Websites with advertising. Every year advertisers around the world pay around 180 billion dollar to show ads on the internet. A part of this money could be yours. you need to create a website with unique text about a specific topic. The more detailed and unique your texts, the better this works. It's very important be among the first results with search engines such as Google and it's essential to master SEO ("Search Engine Optimization"). You can also specialize in CPC (cost per click) advertising through Google Adsense, where you will be paid for each click on an ad. Affiliate marketing is also an interesting option, where you're mostly paid for each sale or lead. The easiest way to start is to set up your own website at blogspot or
  • Making money with creating websites. Creating websites is a good way to make money, but competition is fierce. The easiest is to start with a CMS, ideally free software such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. You need a server to host the site. You can find one for a couple of dollars a month with companies such as Bluehost and Dreamhost. Creating good sites is both art and science. The best way to learn is to create your own personal website. For example a blog. WordPress is a good tool for beginners. Drupal is for experts and Joomla is a bit in between. If you focus on Drupal you can easily find work and make good money.
  • Writing for the web is also a good way to make money. You will be competing with the cheapest English speaking workers in the world if you write in English but if you're a good writer and you provide quality you can easily work your way up to a proper rate. You can try websites such as odesk or fiverr to get started.
  • Making money with YouTube. YouTube is popular. Not just for watching videos, but also for making money. Google, the owner of YouTube has created the possibility to make money with advertising shown to people who watch your videos. You have to register with AdSense for this. It's not necessarily easy to make movies that are popular enough to make money. You need to attract audience with original and sometimes funny videos.
  • Make money with a website. One of the most obvious ways to make money online is with a website. Your own website.
  • A blog. If you have a hobby you can easily turn your hobby into a money making machine.
  • Adsense. Adsense is by far the easiest way to start monetizing your website.
  • Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing systems such as clickbank are great way to expand upon adsense. A-Ads is a very interesting program, that only pays out Bitcoins.
  • Make money with social media. Social media is not just a support for your website. It's possible to make money on social media. New platforms always come up. As of recent, TikTok has become a very accessible way to make money. See also this guide for beginners to make money on TikTok.
  • Make money with Facebook. If your Facebook page has many likes it can be interesting to try affiliate marketing.
  • Make money with Twitter. The same counts for Twitter.
  • Gaming. If you're a gamer you can check out tournaments.
  • Online casino. Online casinos are not a recommended way to make money, but if you go for the coupons and signup bonuses you can probably earn a quick buck here.
  • Poker. Poker is tricky but some folks claim to make money with it. Most are probably losing money here but there are probably some smart guys that actually do become millionaires playing poker online.

Other ways to make money

Here we talk about ways you don't get money now, but you actually learn about the roads that exist that will take you to a better future. We do these things ourselves.

Earn thousands.
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Sell cars
Some call it car flipping.
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Movie Extras
Earn a quick $200.
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Buy for a dollar, sell for 2.
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Free stuff everywhere.
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Buy in China. Sell here.
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Find hidden gems.
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Rent a room. Or a couch.
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Rent your car out. Or two.
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Medical Testing
It may earn you thousands.
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Sperm Donor
Help others and make money.
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Cell Phone Flipping
Some people make 50k/year!
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Online Surveys
It will earn you some cash quickly.
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Speak any other language?
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Freelance Writing
It is possible.
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Make money online

Make money online: HOW TO MAKE IT GROW

How about knowing how to make money on the internet now. Being well planned, you could make money without stress. And this can happen very quickly.

  • Say you started to make money online store. You need to make it viral. What to do? Start with making yourself interesting and attractive. People love humor and unique products
  • Get everyone of your friends to repeat the same message. For example, if you sell skateboards, make sure you are recognized for a particular type of brand, type of costumer service and so on. The words that describe you must be universally repeated by everyone.
  • Say you started Make money online with investment. You must make sure you diversify your investment. If you don't know enough find a how to make money online course to get started!

Make money online

Make money online: HOW TO GET INVESTMENT

It is very hard to get an internet business going these days because of the competition. With that said, don't be alarmed: there is still many ways to make money online selling including make money online zero investment. All you have to do is to start with something you love. After a while, often many years, you will find yourself to be an expert in the area and this will make attract investors or you will want to attract them so you can grow 10x or even maybe 100x. This is how to do it:

  • Learn how to get an elevator pitch together
  • Get a pitch deck together. Practice your pitch deck for 50 HOURS before you pitch, so you are confident.
  • Send messages to everyone you know with your pitch deck and try to get a meeting with investors
  • Find online investment firms and send them your pitch deck. Send it to at least 1000 companies.