Make money ebay sniping

make money ebay sniping

Make money Ebay sniping

The secret of making money quickly with ebay is to use the buying strategy called ebay sniping. The best tool for this is called GIXEN.

Here is how ebay sniping works

  • Gixen automatically makes a bid on what you want at the last moment
  • It is entirely autonatic
  • You can do in groups: bid on multiple similar items and other bids are cancelled if you win one
  • Gixen is free!!

Buy cheap with ebay sniping

The idea is to utilize Gixen to buy cheap and sell locally whatever stuff you think could make you money. You can choose stuff that you know people are buying all the time and strategies - besides spending time learning how to use Gixen - are everywhere online such as on this article by
* Buy stuff that sells such as iphones, macbooks, anything Apple.
* Samsung phones such as the Galaxy 6, 7 or 8
* Look on Amazon for top sellers and buy similar
* Camera equipment which you can see a guide on how to buy them on Petapixel.

Buy on ebay, sell locally

After you buy it for good deal, place ads on Craigslist!
* Place ads everyday
* Be ready with your phone to reply INSTANTLY
* Be direct
* Meet in PUBLIC places only. Not your house!

What to buy on ebay to make money

  • Top smart phones, Iphone5 or above), Galaxy 6 or above
  • Camera Equipment
  • Apple laptops
  • Good Monitors
  • Apple accessories
  • Certain graphics cards
  • Brand name apparel that is WAY below store prices

However, the best places to buy is NOT ebay

  • Buy at garage sales where rich people live!
  • Estate auctions: rich people selling everything
  • Municipal public auctions
  • Storage unit auctions

How to get money short term (not now)

Here we talk about ways you don't get money now, but you actually learn about the roads that exist that will take you to a better future. We do these things ourselves.

Earn thousands.
I need money now
Sell cars
Some call it car flipping.
I need money now
Movie Extras
Earn a quick $200.
I need money now
Buy for a dollar, sell for 2.
I need money now
Free stuff everywhere.
I need money now
Buy in China. Sell here.
I need money now
Find hidden gems.
I need money now
Rent a room. Or a couch.
I need money now
Rent your car out. Or two.
I need money now
Medical Testing
It may earn you thousands.
I need money now
Sperm Donor
Help others and make money.
I need money now
Cell Phone Flipping
Some people make 50k/year!
I need money now
Online Surveys
It will earn you some cash quickly.
I need money now
Speak any other language?
I need money now
Freelance Writing
It is possible.
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