Free bank account with no fees

For a free bank account with no fees that works on your phone, N26 is the best. It has been popular with millions of people in Europe for a few years now and it has finally arrived in the USA. It's made for your smartphone, it is user friendly, it has low fees and the overall usefulness and a plethora of features make it the single best option for banking on the market today.

N26 is a different business model and they call themselves the no bullshit bank for a reason: it is simply easier and better! Think of it like the way Amazon approaches business in comparison to Barnes & Noble. It is so much better in so many ways than anything else out there that you will be giving up your traditional bank account as soon as you realize that it has the lowest fees in the market, how easy it is to open an instant account even if you have bad credit, low income and that you can get the web app even in Spanish!

  • How to open your N26 free online bank account, in as little as 8 MINUTES.
  • How to get a real N26 debit card Mastercard in your mailing address in a few days, even without income or with bad credit
  • How to use your N26 phone app or website to send and receive money, make deposits, even get a loan.
  • How to use your N26 free bank account to transfer money abroad to hundreds of countries via
  • There are other offers from,, bitwala and and you can learn more details here.

Free bank account with no fees with N26

N26 Free Bank Account is Simply Better

  • Open your account in 8 minutes
  • No monthly nor yearly fees
  • No cost to setup account
  • No ATM fees ( up to 5 withdrawals) in Europe
  • No Currency exchange markup
  • Opening an account is entirely done online, including the video chat with a verification professional
  • You get push notifications on phone via app, not SMS, which is very useful
  • You can open account from anywhere in the world
  • The app is in multiple languages
  • You do not need an invite to open account with N26
  • You can invest money, and even get a credit card
  • Your account works right away to receive and send money: you don't need to wait for your card to arrive to start using the account.
  • Most modern current account made specifically for smart phones
  • Free account management
  • Free Mastercard
  • Free cash withdrawals worldwide

Free bank account with no fees

    N26 Free Bank Account: ALL THE AWESOME FEATURES

    N26 Free Bank Account Features: Automatic Statistics

    if you are a person that likes to see where your money is going you will love N26. It registers all the ways you are spending your money and even recognizes some of your spending habits automatically organizing it all in handy graphics.

    This will allow you to get a very useful overview of your financial data and perhaps make some improvements in your spending habits!

    N26 Free Bank Account Features: Money Beam

    This is a feature that allows a user to send money to another user instantly from one account to another. Instantly! You don't even need a bank account number to do this, just an email is enough. You select the app's contact list and from the list you send money to anyone with a few clicks.

    Every time you send money to a new person their information is saved, so it is easy to repeat the transaction at a future date.

    N26 Free Bank Account Features: Scheduled Payments

    You can easily schedule payments with N26, so you don't forget. One nifty little feature is that if you don't have enough balance for a scheduled transfer or automatic debt, you will receive an email a few hours in advance reminding you to top up your account.

    N26 Free Bank Account Features: Control Center

    This is extremely useful stuff because you can do things that until now you had to make a silly phone call which could take hours depending on which bank you use.

  • Block and unblock your card
  • activate payments
  • Activate or deactivate internet purchases
  • Block withdrawals
  • Choose your language
  • Change your pin!
  • N26 Free Bank Account Features: Instant bank account with N26:

    Remember that you get an instant bank account. It works in a few minutes. With it you can do all sorts of transactions from the get go including transferring money and receiving money too. Old banks used to call this instant approval and advertisements used to say " bank account 1 hour". How about 8 minutes?

    N26 Free Bank Account Features: Bank account no fees with N26

    There are no fees to open your N26 free bank account, you get some free withdrawals, free international money transfers and a bunch of other free stuff. However you do pay for a few things:

  • 5 withdrawals per month
  • You pay to deposit money from partner stores above a certain amount

Free bank account with no fees with N26

    How to Open Your Free Bank Account With N26: Every Step!


    Absolutely ANYBODY can open a free bank account with N26 and you can be a resident of anywhere in the contiguous United States and its territories. You will need a mailing address so they can send you the Mastercard debit card that comes with your free bank account.

    Opening an account

    Opening a free bank account with N26 is done easily in a few steps and in as little as 8 MINUTES!

  • Fill out the registration form you can find here
  • Complete the ID verification through your phone via their app
  • Pairing your phone with your account
  • Steps 1, 2 and 3 are the same for everyone with an State issued ID or US passport and an address.

    Online Registration

    Regardless of what state you reside or any other nationalities, you start by filling out the registration form. Just visit this page and follow the instructions. If you happen to be traveling abroad it is the same process as long as you have your passport handy.

    Free bank account with no fees

    You will have to enter several details about yourself, including:

  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Country of residence
  • Email
  • DOB
  • Password
  • A phone number (from anywhere in the world)
  • Mailing address so you can receive your Mastercard, a PO Box is ok.
  • Free bank account with no fees

    You will be asked information that is related to Anti-Money Laundering too:

  • Gender
  • Job related information
  • City of birth
  • Nationality
  • Tax residence
  • Tax ID number (optional)

  • Agree to the standard terms & conditions and you will receive an email confirmation. After this step, you will receive an option to choose the card you want: normal N26 or he N26 BLACK which comes with insurance and gives you 1 year warranty on your phone for a monthly fee.

    Free bank account with no fees

    ID Verification

    Now you will be going through a verification process with N26 via your app. You will open the app (phone or online) and you will be getting in line to receive a video call from a verification specialist. You can have any of the following passports/ID combinations:

  • Argentina (Passport only)
  • Austria (Passport & ID card)
  • Belgium (Passport & ID card)
  • Bolivia (Passport only)
  • Bosnia Herzegovina (Passport only)
  • Brazil (Passport only)
  • Bulgaria (Passport only)
  • Canada (Passport only)
  • China/Hong Kong (Passport only)
  • Colombia (Passport only)
  • Croatia (Passport & ID card)
  • Cyprus (Passport only)
  • Czech Republic (Passport & ID card)
  • Denmark (Passport only)
  • Estonia (Passport only)
  • Finland (Passport & ID card)
  • France (Passport & ID card)
  • Germany (Passport & ID card)
  • Greece (Passport only)
  • Hungary (Passport & ID card)
  • Iceland (Passport only)
  • Ireland (Passport only)
  • Italy (Passport & ID card/CIE only)
  • Japan (Passport only)
  • Latvia (Passport & ID card)
  • Liechtenstein (Passport & ID card)
  • Lithuania (Passport & ID card)
  • Luxembourg (Passport & ID card)
  • Malta (Passport & ID card)
  • Mexico (Passport only)
  • Morocco (Passport only)
  • Netherlands (Passport & ID card)
  • New Zealand (Passport only)
  • Nigeria (Passport only)
  • Norway (Passport only)
  • Poland (Passport & ID card)
  • Portugal (Passport only)
  • Romania (Passport only)
  • Russia (Passport only)
  • Singapore (Passport only)
  • Slovakia (Passport only)
  • Slovenia (Passport & ID card)
  • South Africa (Passport only)
  • South Korea (Passport only)
  • Spain (Passport & ID card)
  • Sweden (Passport & ID card)
  • Switzerland (Passport & ID card)
  • Tunisia (Passport only)
  • Turkey (Passport only)
  • Ukraine (Passport only)
  • United Kingdom (Passport only)
  • USA (Passport only)

  • And you can get N26 accounts from all US States and territories:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming
  • District of Columbia
  • Puerto Rico
  • Guam
  • American Samoa
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • There are some exceptions and this list may change at anytime. For example, old passports without biometric technology may create problems. There will be a non-video check option which you can choose via the app but that will take a few days. Remember that you will still need a US address to receive your card.

    Free bank account with no fees

    Video Identification:

    You can either verify your identity with your laptop or a phone. In either case, please make sure that your camera is sound is working well and that the lighting in the room is sufficient. This is very important for the verification to work because the specialist will be taking pictures of you holding your ID.

    Have ready:

  • Passport or identification card
  • Phone with the same number you entered.
  • Some time reserved for the operation in a quiet and well lit room
  • Free bank account with no fees

    Once the call is on the way, agents usually appear promptly with rarely delays periods being an issue. This is not available 14/7, so please watch out for working hours on

    You will be asked by the specialists to verify a series of information bits that you entered on the registration form. You will also be asked to type a code that will be sent to you via SMS. You will be showing the ID in various angles and depending on the regulations they may take various pictures and even a short video.

    The call will be similar to the one explained in the video below by N26's video verification partner in Europe.

    Pairing your phone

    The last step is the activation of your free bank account and the pairing of it to your smartphone. If you haven't already, download the N26 app and login. Because the account isn't yet paired with your phone, you will be going through a few final steps which are easily followed.

    Make sure that the phone number is correct and click the confirm button. You will be receiving another verification code via SMS and entering it in the app.

    Changing the number isn't too hard, but you will be required to contact N26 support to get help.

    With the paired phone, you cal use it to verify transactions, send and receive money to any account in the US, easily send money to other users of N26 via the Money Beam feature (for free) and also activate your card once it arrives

    That is it, just wait for your free bank account with N26 card in the mail and finally learn what it is to have a bank account on your phone with no hassle!

    One one right here! You will never use another one again!

Free bank account with no fees with N26

Free bank account with N26: bad credit or no income is not a problem!

When you open your free bank account with N26 you will realize that they don't care about your credit nor your income. As long as they get to see your face on the video verification and have an address in the United States to receive your card, you will get your online bank account for free without the need for a deposit, credit verification or any other silly stuff that big banks grew accustomed of asking people in the US.

  • You can create free bank account online with N26 because it is a completely different business model. Think of it like Amazon approaches business in comparison to Barnes & Noble.
  • You can open bank account for free because they make money when you nee to deposit money which you can do in any of its partner stores.
  • There is no need to deposit an initial amount of money. Yes: it is a free bank account online no deposit!

Free bank account without income with N26: N26 does not verify income!

Can you open a bank account without income with N26. The answer is absolutely yes. N26 does not ask you to deposit money not it requires that you have proof of income because it is a new way of doing banking. There is no particularly special reason! It is simply better like that. Banks have been consolidating for so long that a bank account without income became a non-reality for customers.

The old school banks better watch out because they will die if they do not create systems as easy as N26 that allow bank account no income to be created.

Bank account bad credit with N26:

Can you open an online bank account with bad credit with N26? The answer is YES. N26 does NOT check your credit because it believes that your credit has nothing to do with your bank account. Of course, if you choose the N26 credit card, then N26 will care about opening a online bank account with bad credit.

Free bank account with no fees with N26

Bank account in Spanish with N26: it is available in various languages!

You can finally get your bank account in spanish with N26, which has spanish language online and web app for the comvenience of yourself and your family. Say you have a foreign mother that - despite being a resident of the US for many years - is still uncomfortable with English interfaces. This is not a problem anymore:

  • Navigate the entire interface in Spanish
  • Spanish speaking customer service (limited availability)
  • Video instructions in Spanish

Free bank account with no fees with N26

International Money Transfers with N26: Do it the way.

N26 has a partnership with that allows you to send money anywhere in the world for the lowest fees in existence. It is yet another N26 revolutionary feature that is finally being offered to US consumers.

  • Send money abroad to 200+ countries
  • Send money abroad as far as a few hours
  • Send money abroad for the lowest fees in the world
  • Send money abroad straight from inside the app.

German bank account for non residents

Germany is known for Bier, Bratwurst and bureaucracy. Well, the last one mostly among those who have tried to settle in Germany. The love for paperwork is enormous. It's probably even worse than Italy, where there is at least a fair amount of flexibility. Opening a German bank account requires a fair bit of paperwork with most banks in Germany but new banks that make the life of a foreigner in Germany easier, are on the rise.