Bank account

Free bank account with no fees

For a free bank account with no fees that works on your phone, N26 is the best. It has been popular with millions of people in Europe for a few years now and it has finally arrived in the USA. It's made for your smartphone, it is user friendly, it has low fees and the overall usefulness and a plethora of features make it the single best option for banking on the market today.

German bank account for non residents

Germany is known for Bier, Bratwurst and bureaucracy. Well, the last one mostly among those who have tried to settle in Germany. The love for paperwork is enormous. It's probably even worse than Italy, where there is at least a fair amount of flexibility. Opening a German bank account requires a fair bit of paperwork with most banks in Germany but new banks that make the life of a foreigner in Germany easier, are on the rise.

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