Online checking account

Online checking account offers are getting better and better with the best being N26,, Transferwise's debit card account. Avoid online banking altogether using the many alternatives to online banking based on bitcoin such as BitPay and Bitwala.

What is an online checking account? It is a bank account on your phone! You can open one for free and often in a few minutes if you can produce your passport or driver's license and have a stable internet connection. You do not need to have a credit check or anything of that nature and they will send you a debit card right to your home address.

Online checking account: the basics

  • You can open an online checking account even with bad credit in any of the options described on this page. These are a completely different experience than what one gets with a bank. With them, it is possible to feel paralyzed by their many demands which may include proof of residence, photo ID and other details.
  • Is there a guaranteed approval online checking account? Although there is no way to make sure you will be approved as it takes two sides to agree on a deal, chances are that if you speak English and has a phone and an ID it is possible to get an online bank account now.
  • There are even online checking account with no fees available, including N26 which we describe the account opening process in detail and it has millions of users in Europe.
  • In some cases, you can open online checking account instantly. Well, in under 10 minutes for sure!
  • It is possible to get a free online checking account with no deposit, of course. In fact, this is now the norm when it comes to online bank accounts.
  • In doubt regarding online checking account interest rates? They are the same as a normal bank.


Online checking account: Why pick N26

N26 lead the online bank account market in Europe with millions of customers and excellent customer service up to American standards. It is now available in the United States and it is taking the country by storm! Here is why N26 should be your choice:

  • N26 is a free online checking account with debit card. It has no fees and you can start using it in a few minutes. The quickest to open, for sure.
  • To open a online bank account with N26: have your ID and phone and that is it. The easiest!
  • You can deposit in thousands of stores available all over the country.
  • For a step by step process on how to make a online bank account with N26, click here.
  • N26's is an online checking account with no opening deposit. That is right. No need to deposit cash to start!
  • Have I said that is the easiest online checking account to open?
  • N26 has an online checking account with overdraft protection.


Online checking account: Why pick is America's original online bank account with an easy to setup system and all the normal perks of a normal bank account. Of the checking account you can open online, is the only one to offer joint accounts. Here are's best features and how to open an account with it! Why pick

  • is an online checking account no minimum deposit, and no fees.
  • Here are some of online checking account bonus offers: trackable spending and "goals".
  • is one of the best online checking accounts because of its security.
  • offers a high yield online checking account, where you can save automatically!
  • If you open a online checking account with there is no opening deposit.
  • This is what is unique to it is the best best online joint checking account.


Online checking account: Why pick used to be just the easiest way in the world to send money abroad.
It then gave users an European bank account in a few clicks. Now it offers a debit card for its users! It is now official: is now a bank just like any other bank! Why pick

  •'s best advantage is the international transfers. You get a normal free online checking account no minimum deposit and international remittance all in one.
  • You get an European and American account with one account with the best online checking account interest rates.
  • has its online checking account with no opening deposit.
  • Transferwise's bank account offer is free. Yes, you can open an online checking account for free with access in Europe and the United States.
  • does not have the best app interface but it is catching up with the competition.


Online checking account: Bitcoin

If you ever wanted to make bitcoin your main way of running finances but never found our the best options, look no further than and These are by far the best products in the market. Here is why you should bank with bitcoin:

  • Often traditional banks have too many fees. Although guaranteed online checking account like the ones above are low cost, bitcoin bank account actually can make you money.
  • You do not have to be familiar with bitcoin to start your online checking accounts no deposit with bitcoin. Your money will automatically be converted to BTC!
  • It is free to get a online bank account with bitcoin, but if you buy and sell bitcoins you pay transaction fees.
  • If you are uncomfortable with a bitcoin online checking account with no deposit, get both a normal account and a bitcoin account and easily transfer money between the two.
  • Yes: your online checking account with mobile deposit support deposits in bitcoins as well.

Free bank account with no fees

For a free bank account with no fees that works on your phone, N26 is the best. It has been popular with millions of people in Europe for a few years now and it has finally arrived in the USA. It's made for your smartphone, it is user friendly, it has low fees and the overall usefulness and a plethora of features make it the single best option for banking on the market today.

German bank account for non residents

Germany is known for Bier, Bratwurst and bureaucracy. Well, the last one mostly among those who have tried to settle in Germany. The love for paperwork is enormous. It's probably even worse than Italy, where there is at least a fair amount of flexibility. Opening a German bank account requires a fair bit of paperwork with most banks in Germany but new banks that make the life of a foreigner in Germany easier, are on the rise.