Use a sewing machine

Use a sawing machine

Nothing is more fun than making and repairing your own clothes. A sewing machine is a great tool to do this and it's not hard to handle. You just have to learn it!

You can patch pants or make a bag from old t-shirts. Or make your own pants. Sewing is also fun to do in a group. There are likely to be more people in your neighborhood that like sewing. You can learn from each other. The only thing to do is to find them. Ask around in your group of friends, check Meetup or post an ad in your local supermarket.

On you can find more about how using a sewing machine.

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Free haircuts

Free haircuts can be had in different ways. If you find yourself moneyless it doesn't mean you need to walk around like a bum. We all know hairdressers are quite expensive in the Western world. So let's look at some alternatives.

How to travel with no money

How to travel without money? Many people love traveling. Discovering new places and meeting new people. Common belief is that traveling is expensive. This doesn't really have to be the case. How to travel with no money? First of all, change your attitude towards money. Then change your attitude towards traveling. Here are the best tips.

Share stuff

Networks for sharing stuff are great to get to use things such as tools. You don't need to buy anything, because you can simply ask your neighbor if you can borrow from them. For example a bicycle pump or a ladder for painting. Many people are already doing this in their neighborhood: "Quickly ask the neighbor if we can borrow his drill."

Daily saving tips

Saving money, who does not want that? There are plenty of ways to save money. The best way is to spend no money at all. At Moneyless.orgyou can find many tips about how to lead a rich life without money. But what about saving money, and good tips for saving? There are many websites and blogs that can help you with that.