How to spend less money?

How to spend less money? First, get an overview of what you're spending money on.

Reduce recurring expenses

  • Use your car less, possibly sell it if you can
  • Use less water: don't flush after peeing, shorter showers
  • Switch off and unplug unused electrical appliances
  • Spend less money on food

    Reduce random expenses

  • Be more careful with your stuff so that it lasts longer
  • Fix things instead of throwing them away

    How to spend less money on food?

  • Avoid wasting food. Instead of throwing leftovers away, put it in plastic boxes to keep it fresh in the fridge. Old bread is nice in the oven, you can even make a bruschetta.
  • Go out into the wild and pick fruit, nuts and other edible wild foods.
  • Try dumpster diving, there's amazing free food.

    How to spend less money on clothes

    If you wash your clothes a bit less (without smelling bad) they last longer. It's also a good idea to learn how to repair your clothes with a needle and thread. Again dumpster diving can be a great way to expand your wardrobe. Thrift stores are another very cheap way to find perfectly good clothes.

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    Daily saving tips

    Saving money, who does not want that? There are plenty of ways to save money. The best way is to spend no money at all. At Moneyless.orgyou can find many tips about how to lead a rich life without money. But what about saving money, and good tips for saving? There are many websites and blogs that can help you with that.

    How to travel with no money

    How to travel without money? Many people love traveling. Discovering new places and meeting new people. Common belief is that traveling is expensive. This doesn't really have to be the case. How to travel with no money? First of all, change your attitude towards money. Then change your attitude towards traveling. Here are the best tips.

    Free haircuts

    Free haircuts can be had in different ways. If you find yourself moneyless it doesn't mean you need to walk around like a bum. We all know hairdressers are quite expensive in the Western world. So let's look at some alternatives.

    Share stuff

    Networks for sharing stuff are great to get to use things such as tools. You don't need to buy anything, because you can simply ask your neighbor if you can borrow from them. For example a bicycle pump or a ladder for painting. Many people are already doing this in their neighborhood: "Quickly ask the neighbor if we can borrow his drill."