Make money with translations

make money translations

Make money with translations and proofreading

If you need money now and speaks more than 1 language, even if you don't speak a second language that well, it is possible to make extra money with online translation services. The idea is simple:

best online translation jobs

The best places online to get online translation work are places like and However, it is also possible to get work at other places such as:

How much money can I make with online translations

You can make plenty of money doing translation online. It all depends on how proficient you are and what languages you speak. For example, if you speak Dutch, Norwegian or other less common languages, chances are you can make hundreds of euros a day if you are proficient. Other than that expect to make the following:

  • 1-2 cents per word minimum for French
  • 1-2 cents per word minimum for Spanish
  • 1-2 cents per word minimum for English
  • 2-3 cents per word minimum for German

In other words, you translate about 1000 words and you get 10 euros more or less to start with. You can make as much as 100 euros a day at a minimum and the more experience you have the more money you make.

Start online translation business

If you want to make a living doing translations it is probably best to look into it with a bit more poise and professionalism:

  • Setup a free website on or similar with your offer and contact services
  • Distribute business cards in your area
  • Offer services on local listings pages such as Craigslist
  • Offer services to friends and local businesses
  • Contact blogs and offer translation services

How to get money short term (not now)

Here we talk about ways you don't get money now, but you actually learn about the roads that exist that will take you to a better future. We do these things ourselves.

Earn thousands.
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Sell cars
Some call it car flipping.
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Movie Extras
Earn a quick $200.
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Buy for a dollar, sell for 2.
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Free stuff everywhere.
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Buy in China. Sell here.
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Find hidden gems.
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Rent a room. Or a couch.
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Rent your car out. Or two.
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Medical Testing
It may earn you thousands.
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Sperm Donor
Help others and make money.
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Cell Phone Flipping
Some people make 50k/year!
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Online Surveys
It will earn you some cash quickly.
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Speak any other language?
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Freelance Writing
It is possible.
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Make money online

You can make a lot of money on the online, even while sleeping. You just need to know how. If you're seriously interested in making money online, you will need the enthusiasm and the capacity to learn while doing. The sky is the limit with a bit of persistence (and even there, people like Richard Branson disagree). You can think of creating apps and internet sites if you know how to code (or if you're willing to learn).