Make money selling iPhones on craigslist

make money selling used phones

Make money selling used phones online

One of the top ways to make money anywhere in the world is to buy iphones or other desired phone and sell them on Craigslist. I personally know people that make 200 to 400 dollars a day doing this. It is rather easy

  • Buy cheap using ebay sniping
  • Take awesome pictures
  • Answer quickly
  • Meet in public places only!

Selling used iphones on Craigslist

IPhones are the most desireable phones by far. People still desire iphone 5s! If you want to make money selling used iPhones on Craigslist or elsewhere make sure that you:

  • Buy all iphones above iPhone 5
  • Samsungs work too, only top notch
  • Do not venture into other brands, unless if you are seeing them on the hands of other people
  • Buy cheap Samsungs that are popular in your area

Sell used iphones on ebay

It is hard to sell used iPhones on ebay. It is best to sell on Craigslist or other local listings.

How to buy cheap iphones

How to get money short term (not now)

Here we talk about ways you don't get money now, but you actually learn about the roads that exist that will take you to a better future. We do these things ourselves.

Earn thousands.
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Sell cars
Some call it car flipping.
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Movie Extras
Earn a quick $200.
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Buy for a dollar, sell for 2.
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Free stuff everywhere.
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Buy in China. Sell here.
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Find hidden gems.
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Rent a room. Or a couch.
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Rent your car out. Or two.
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Medical Testing
It may earn you thousands.
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Sperm Donor
Help others and make money.
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Cell Phone Flipping
Some people make 50k/year!
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Online Surveys
It will earn you some cash quickly.
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Speak any other language?
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Freelance Writing
It is possible.
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Make money online

You can make a lot of money on the online, even while sleeping. You just need to know how. If you're seriously interested in making money online, you will need the enthusiasm and the capacity to learn while doing. The sky is the limit with a bit of persistence (and even there, people like Richard Branson disagree). You can think of creating apps and internet sites if you know how to code (or if you're willing to learn).

Make with with yardsales

make money yardsales

Make money with yardsales

This is one of the best ways to make a quick buck and some people make a full on living out of this or at least have a sizeable chunk of their income coming from buying awesome stuff that rich people don't want and selling it off on Craigslist.

Here is how to do it