Emergency Loans

Emergency loans are available for many different situations. We discovered emergency cash loans for unemployed people as well as bad credit emergency personal loans. Depending on your situation you may find the information that we gathered useful for your case. Especially if you find yourself in the situation of I need money now emergency then investigate the options available for you and choose wisely.

Emergency loans with no job

How to get emergency cash with no job? Emergency loans with no job and bad credit are available through pawnshops, loans through friends and collateral loans. There may be some payday loan or fast cash loan providers available near you but we have not really find any online loan provider that offers fast emergency loans if you have no job. You may have more luck searching for Emergency Loans Near Me.

If you do have some sort of income you may as well try out one of these emergency loan providers. Some of these providers do not require you to have a job per se, but in most cases you do need to provide some sort of income proof. Looking for more information, have a look at our Loans Without Income Proof article.

Emergency Personal Loan Options

Lender Amount Type Cost Action
Vivaloans $100 to $15,000 Payday Loans & Personal Loans APR Apply
Personal Loans.com $500 to $35,000 Personal Loans up to 35.99% APR Apply
Bad credit loans $500 - $5000 Personal Loans 5.99% to 35.99% Apply
Loan Pioneer $100 - $5000 Personal loans & Payday Loans APR Apply
CashAdvance.com $100 - $1000 Payday Loans 200% to 2,290% Apply

Having no job doesn't make your financial life easier. Work maybe sucks, but having no money sucks even more. Unless you are willing to give up money completely such as these folks, you may want to work on this situation. An emergency loan often does not help, in many cases it actually makes people more indebted.

Emergency Cash Loans for Unemployed

No job and you need cash urgently. Emergency cash loans for unemployed people are available in some places. Typically you will need a job or some sort of income such as your own business in order to take out a loan. This is something yuo will need to prove if you apply for a loan at most loan providers. Still there are some options available if you find yourself in the situation of having no job and you need cash urgently.

One of the most popular options are pawnshops. These are available in many towns and cities and do not require you to have a job. These special loan shops work as following: you deposit some valuable item and in return you receive a loan. Upon returning your loan, in addition to the extra costs such as interest, they give back your item. These shops can also be found online, see for more information our article about Online Pawnshops.

Another option you have available are title loans. These loans are given out when you use your car or motorcycle as collateral. It is a type of secured loan where you use your vehicle title as collateral in order to receive the loan. For more information have a look at our article How To Get a Title Loan Without a Job.

You have no valuable times or a vehicle that you want to use as collateral, these days there are great apps that help you arranging a loan with friends or family. We have more information about these options, as well as notarized loans, at our article Borrow Money from Friends.

Emergency Personal loans bad credit

When you do have some sort of income but bad credit, there are more options available for you than having to look for emergency loans while being unemployed. We found quite some loan providers who are happy to help you out with an emergency personal loan although you have bad credit. Selected providers such as Personalloans.com and VivaLoan. Upon submitting your information they select loan providers in your state that are able to borrow you an emergency personal loan.

One word of caution though: some of the providers of emergency loans borrow emergency loans, such as payday loans, against high interest rates. They call these loans personal loans but they are in fact payday loans. With payday loans it is possible you may fall in a debt trap. Many people find themselves to pay back these short terms loans in time and end up rolling over their credit, meaning they keep on having to take out new loans to pay back their old loans.

Emergency loans near me

Emergency loans are also available in payday loan shops, local credit unions and possibly some other local banks near you. Check here a map to find emergency loans near me. Other options you have to find a provider of emergency loans near me is to look for a pawnshops online or in your area. These can be found in every town or city and even online.

You could also opt for taking out a loan with a friend or family. These days there are special apps that can help you paying back the loans in time and to set up a contract between you. Or you could even notarize the loan. Just keep in mind that friends are more important than money. So be sure to make sound agreements about repaying your debt and installments. If you find yourself not able to pay back at some point, talk about that problem so you can find a solution together. Keep your communication open.

500 dollar emergency loan

Many people particularly look for small loans such as a 500 dollar emergency loan. If you are looking for an emergency loan because of some unpaid bill or a fine you may start looking for a emergency loan provider such as Personalloans.com and VivaLoan. Or have a look here for some more providers of fast emergency loans. These folks help you finding the right emergency loan provider for you.

Just be careful that you don't end up getting a loan provider with high interests rates. In order to get a safe loan that is less risky, you really ought to stay below the 35% APR interest rate and be sure to pay back your installments in time. Many people looking for a 500 dollar emergency loan fall in a debt-trap. Especially if you find yourself already being unable to deal with money well, taking out a loan simply means adding more stuff to your increasing pile of problems.

Typically these direct loan providers do not pull a credit check on their customers for a 500 dollar loan. They don't really care about the risk, as they simply ask for the highest interest rates in the market. You may find it useful to also check out alternatives such as taking out a loan with friends, a pawnshop or even p2p loans. Look for more information about options and the alternatives at our 500 dollar loan no credit check article.

If you find yourself indebted a lot and unable to manage your financial issues, take a look at solutions such as consolidating your dept. Also have a look at our Work Out Financial Troubles article for ideas to release yourself from debt.

Emergency loans

I need a loan urgently: Best traditional loans

Banks need to see prefect credit to give you great rates and that makes sense. They also like to see you have a job or other means of income. Therefore, do not expect great rates or the best form of personal loans if your have bad credit. If you find yourself in this situation, we have discovered these alternatives for you:

Emergency loan no bank account

If you have no bank account, there are options available such as loans with friends, pawnshops and so-called emergency loans that are deposited directly on your debit card.