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Is it possible to live without money? How to live without needing money? On Moneyless.org you'll find the answers to such questions, with inspiring examples, such as people who choose to live without money, tips on how to create a moneyless existence and stories about traveling and living without money.

Living without money is not easy. You have to really care and also give up some things. You will give up the comfort to buy what you desire. Instead you'll get another lifestyle: one in which you'll be happy with what you have. One in which you are obligated to be more creative to satisfy your needs.

Moneyless is more than that though. We have good tips for simply reducing dependence on money, information about alternative money such as the bankless currency Bitcoin and tips for living and traveling on a very limited budget.

Moneyless travel

Traveling without money is not just a dream. Robino, instigator of Moneyless.org, has lived without money several times. The first time was three months during a trip in Portugal. He was going around eating what people gave him, sleeping in a tent in the forest or at people's homes. He hitchhiked and walked along the Portuguese coast.

This experience was simply amazing, a real eye-opener to possibilities of moneyless existence. To obtain food he knocked on doors of restaurants for free food, sometimes at the kitchen through the backdoor, other times after lunch, to ask if there were leftover he could take.

Such a trip without money is not just a learning experience on its own, it's also a life changing experience.

Often he was directly invited to take a seat an was fed enough for the next day. Other times he picked fruit right from trees, or took it out of a dumpster. Robin's gratitude for what he got was enormous; food had never been this tasty.

In Holland

Afterwards he spent another 3 weeks travelling without money in the Netherlands. A foot trip from Amsterdam to the German border. He wanted to relive the experience but then in his home country. Was this also possible in Holland? How would Dutch people react?

Equipped with a small pack and a hammock he started walking straight from home, and the first night he slept among the trees right outside the city.

Moneyless society

Living or traveling without money and adapt your life to this is a huge personal challenge. You really embark on an exploration by living this way. But how would it be of the entire society or even just a community would be focused on a moneyless existence? Said differently: a world without money, how would it be? Would it be possible?

This is not just a question asked for the first time here. Many philosophers, anthropologists, sociologists and economists have posed this question before. Often reference is made to prehistoric times of communal living, such as nomadic tribes. But also bartering is mentioned, and how money became a replacement of that and how money has made our lives so much easier.

Communities that live without money


Moneyless.org wants to go beyond this discussion and provide ways for living without money, with practical examples and give ideas that go beyond money. It's going into concepts such as bartering, the money economy, the role of social money, the gift economy, abundance, social economies and peerconomy. How to develop new social economic links that make money superfluous?

We have also created moneyless websites in other languages: sansargent.fr in French, sindinero.net in Spanish and ohnegeld.net in German.

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Book: Steps Towards Inner Peace

The Peace-Pilgrim was a woman living almost 30 years without money, in the walhalla of money: the United States. She made many walking trips and took only little on those trips. She lived just from what people gave her and she never needed any money!

Her message was about an inner peace that is reachable by anyone. You as well! It's the ultimate form of happiness, always in peace with whatever is there. Always be at peace with yourself.

"Steps Towards Inner Peace" is the book published after her death. The book is available for free. You can order it at the website about the book and there is also a digital version in Dutch and other languages.

Also check Wikipedia for more information about her life and the website Peacepilgrim.

Raphael Fellmer

Some people have consciously chosen for a life without money. Raphael Fellmer and his family have been living without money or income since 2010, "to increase consciousness about responsibility, that we all carry for hunger, injustice and environmental damage." Raphael is living in Berlin with wife and children. He has been on TV several times.