Gift Economy

The gift economy is the oldest existing form of exchange between people. It is based on giving without expecting anything in return. It is the way of life, the air we breath and edible food we used to find. It is circulating by nature, think of what we give back simply by breathing or pooing. Plants grow from that.

We humans tend to think life is ment to give us something, and we don't have to give ourselves. That we have to earn respect or our way up the societal ladder. Nothing is less true. Life itself is giving. We give by living. The only question is the quality of this giving.

Basing the economy on giving

Basing the economy on giving is less hard to accomplish than one think. The money system tells us to get something in return of our economy activity. It is this money that makes us do what we do. But what if it is simply giving that is the sole motivator? What would we need for that?

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Life Without Money

Life Without Money - Building Fair and Sustainable Economies is a book written from a scientific perspective on the possibilities, potential and benefits of Moneyless societies. It is written by a collective of authors who all look into this question from a different perspective.