How to get free bitcoins

Bitcoin is booming. As I'm writing this 1 BTC is worth more than one thousand US dollars. That might just change in an instance. But what if you want to get started with bitcoins? A good way can be to get free bitcoins. You can do this in several ways.

Visiting websites and watching videos

Sites such as give you tiny amounts of bitcoin for visiting websites. You probably get to see a lot of spammy advertisings and other things you don't really care about but you will get some BTC. How to get free bitcoins on Android? There are several apps, such as Bitcoin Tapper.

Ask your friends

Classic. But it can work. I've given BTC to friends to get them started. Well, sometimes it was in exchange for fries or even a visit to the gym, but I've also given friends free BTC. Not so much of course, but with the rising prices this has become quite a considerable amount of money.

Affiliate Marketing

If you're into website publishing you can get free bitcoins by signing up to This website offers you CPC opportunies for if you want to earn bitcoins when people click on advertisements served on your websites. As a sign up bonus you get BTC 0.01 free as per December 2013..

Free Dogecoins

Altcoins are other forms of electronic money, Litecoin and Dogecoin are two well known ones. These work mostly just like Bitcoin. For Dogecoin there is an Android app that will let it rain free Dogecoin on you: Dogerain. One Dogecoin is worth almost nothing, but if you keep on saving long enough you can trade it into some Bitcoin.



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