How to get free bitcoins

How to get free bitcoins? As of early 2018 bitcoin is worth about thousand US dollars. Is there a way to get free bitcoins fast? Perhaps with a free bitcoins bot? Is there a get free bitcoins app?

Here is how to free bitcoins now: learn the basic of cryptocurrencies, ask friends to give you some free cryptocurrencies and even a little bit of free bitcoins, start mining obscure cryptocurrencies which may be worth something in the future, start day trading your free bitcoins online and even start lending bitcoins online.

How to get free bitcoins

  • Learn the basic of cryptocurrencies by watching some videos.
  • Ask friends to give you some free cryptocurrencies. If they are experienced traders they have many coins worth a few cents and they should be willing to give you a few cents worth of electronic currency.
  • Start mining obscure cryptocurrencies. If you know the basics of computing, you should be able to install a system in your computer that mines and loads currency into a wallet (a folder in your computer or in a thumb drive).
  • Start day trading your free bitcoins
  • Start lending bitcoins online.

How to get free bitcoins

How to get free bitcoins: THE BEST WAYS TO GET FREE BITCOINS

With the price of bitcoin in the thousands and forecasted to be in the hundreds of thousands if everything happens according to the dreams of the most devoted bitcoin advocates, it is hard to get free bitcoin. With that said, it is possible to get free cryptocurrencies such as Stellar and many others that give you an incentive to start using their product.

How to get free bitcoins

How to get free bitcoins: THE BEST BITCOINS TO MINE

Mining bitcoin is big business with billions of dollars exchanges hands everyday and fees costing as much as normal banks. Bitcoin has become the thing it tried to replace. The only way for you to get coin with crypto mining is to start with a friend teaching you the basics, research a lot, wait for a fork so you can mine the coin that is about to be forked and then try your luck mining some!

  • Get acquainted with mining basics and get going even with a normal computer.
  • Wait for a fork of an already popular coin and get ready to start.
  • Get your mining rig ready to work, and if possible save your currency in a safe place and always back up!

How to get free bitcoins


If to earn free bitcoins by completing tasks on websites is not your cup of tea, perhaps it is possible to get started in traditional business. Try starting an online business or even a traditional business which you can start even with zero money. In fact, you can even sell some stuff and get started and even get money for free from investors.

  • Get a business started is always the best way to get our of poverty. Be smart! Work hard! Never give up!
  • Borrow money from friends and even start a business with friends.
  • Don't worry about bad credit. It does not matter! You can still borrow money and even barter to start.

How to get free bitcoins

How to get free bitcoins: THE BEST WAYS TO TRADE BITCOINS

One interesting way to get started is with cryptocurrency trading. With the value of crypto going up and up all the time you can double and sometimes make 100x on trades.

  • Invest in ICOs which are Initial Coin Offerings to get free bitcoins now. Research, do your homework. 99% are scams, but if you are smart you can turn 300 bucks into 5 thousand!
  • Invest in day trading if you want a way to get free bitcoins fast, but start with asking help from friends. If not, read this to start and watch some videos. Don't pay to learn!

Basic income

basic income

There's a good case to be made for a global basic income. An unconditional basic income for all means that every citizen would get a fixed amount of money, every month or every week. This would alleviate poverty and even that would already create so much prosperity that it's worth striving for.