Make money with Crypto Airdrops

With a crypto airdrop, a person gets tokens (free bitcoins) from one of the new and upcoming cryptocurrencies. If these become worth something, a person can be in luck! How does this brilliant scheme work?

A crypto airdrops is like creating money from thin air. Well, it is not 100% from nothing, but it certainly has the components of a rather easy way to make money now.

Make money with Crypto airdrops

  • A crypto airdrop is an event where a new currency distributes free tokens to its early adopters (users)
  • Beware of scams. Don't share private keys.... obviously.
  • Keep your new tokens safe.
  • Visit bitcointalk or airdropalert for the latest information.


What is a crypto airdrop

A crypto airdrop is a project's token distribution event, where tokens are given for free to early adopters.

  • There are feel requirements, but a person may be asked to exchange it for data... such as share a facebook contact list, or a post about it on twitter or whatever.
  • A person may be required to have a specific wallet to start, such as an ethereum wallet. A crypto airdrop can be done on every type of blockchain and bitcoin/ethereum are popular.
  • Scams alert: since anyone can do this, people must be aware of those wanting to take advantage of others. If a project asks for private keys, that is a tell sign that the project will steal money from you.


How does a cryptocurrency airdrop works?

We know this is something new and that with it a company/project can distribute its token to the world. We know that there aren't many rules and as a result every project presents their own way of dealing with the crypto airdrop event as they please. The best way to deal with so many types of projects and rules is to contact the people directly. Do not even rely on a website's information.

  • Register on bitcointalk to get updates on future airdrops. Being an active member helps!
  • If you are required to have a certain type of coin in your wallet in order to get the free tokens....beware that you may be still required to claim them afterwards.
  • Sometimes you may be asked to share a specific link on work on your social media account and you may be required to have a number of followers to be eligible.
  • Surprise airdrops! It is possible that while you are holding some of their tokens, a project may give away tokens without warning simply depositing them in your account.
  • Hold as many coins as you can, because each can get you other free coins.
  • Why give away free tokens? Projects give free tokens as free advertising and in order to create a community around it. Let's call it "creating awareness" and there is nothing like giving away something that could be worth a lot of money in the future to get people excited.
  • Another use of an airdrop is to create a database of leads. It is true: they exchange tokens for data so they kickstart their projects.


Information about new airdrops!

In order to get free crypto through airdrops, beware of projects before they start and read the information on their website to see if they project is worth your time and you are interested in helping out. Find information on forums such as bitcointalk and on airdropalert.

  • Get informed. So, there are free tokens in your wallet. Congratulations. What happens now? Not much in the beginning as the value will only come over time and the coins are not available in exchanges. It is worth nothing until the market decides it has value.
  • Hold your tokens. It gets much more interesting when a token arrives in exchanges around the world. In them people are exchanges and wanting to get real money out of the tokens. If the price is not to your expectations, you can always hold it.
  • Keep tokens safe. Start with a wallet, and do not share your private key. Simple! Of course you can share your crypto address, but not your private key.