Free coins: is an interesting project because you can make money by getting rid of old stuff you don't need. Not only it is like an online pawn shop but it is also a way to start your business with no money.

They even have an affiliate program for everyone you recommend to use their system with a special code that gets you paid! They use the popular Stellar blockchain to make this happen which is based on fast micro payments and creates really fast smart contracts.

Free coins:

  • See your junk for crypto and for cash
  • Based on the popular Stellar blockchain
  • Ship it and get paid for it!
  • They have a really cool affiliate program
  • If you know nothing about crypto, start here. basics is a project that may very well make a world of difference and have significant impact in how business is done. Not only it is possible to turn junk into cash and use it for something good, it is based on a safe and proven architecture.

  • You can sell or donate your stuff for cryptocurrency tokens.
  • There are things you can get money for and things you can't
  • You can get paid in cash or crypto
  • First you find our if the stuff is eligible. Then you ship the stuff. Then you get paid for it. how it works

The interesting thing about is that up to $200 you get paid for items the minute they are proven to be shipped and not when they arrive. This guarantees a more expedited payment procedure.

  • Get all information you need from (908) 543-4103 or [email protected]
  • See how the selling works from this web page
  • You get paid after the shipment occurs
  • You can get all the info from the FAQ page.

Investing in Crypto

Investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be one of the smartest decisions a person or family can make. If done right, there is a big chance that a lot of wealth can be created. As with any investment, there are risks also which can be mitigated by forethought and smart decision making.

  • Learn how to invest before doing any moves in the crypto space. Ideally, learn from a friend.
  • Get at least 2 exchanges to make it safer. Exchanges disappear without warning as it has happened in the past.
  • Read the white papers. Do not invest in ICOs until you are comfortable investing in the top 10 coins.
  • Look at investment alternatives, ways of getting free bitcoin and ways of starting a business with no money.

Basic income

basic income

There's a good case to be made for a global basic income. An unconditional basic income for all means that every citizen would get a fixed amount of money, every month or every week. This would alleviate poverty and even that would already create so much prosperity that it's worth striving for.