Loans from Private lenders

Loans from private lenders are available from friends, family members, business partners, bitcoin loan platforms, P2P lending platforms, crowdsourcing platforms and cryptocurrency based crowdsourcing. All of these are viable alternatives to payday loans and other forms of loans without income nor employment.

In this page, find information about (how to get loans](#how) from private lenders, the types of loans available from private lenders and the alternatives that are available including those available from traditional banks including personal loans from private lenders, student loans from private lenders, business loans from private lenders, unsecured personal loans from private lenders,

Loans from Private lenders

Loans from Private lenders: How to get one

  • Get your documentation ready. It is important that you fill out the online forms and have digital copies of your documentation ready to be uploaded in good quality so all the information is clearly readable.
  • Study every kind of private lender loan. Please study
  • Determine the right type of loan and institution that best fits your credit profile. See below under types of loans
  • Prepare to make payments regularly and be on time. It is up to you to take responsibility for your financial life and it could start from getting some free stuff

Loans from Private lenders

Loans from Private lenders: Types of Loans

  • Crowdsourcing
    Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, and Indiegogo can be a viable and hassle free way to raise capital for an idea.

  • Crowdsourcing IPO such as those made possible with Starbase
    The most popular crowdfunding project ever was done via something called an Initial Coin Offering and it is called FileCoin which raised over 200 million dollars. It is possible to do something like it, but it requires months of preparation and a very able team,

  • P2P Lending site
    There are dozens of successful P2P lending platforms where regular citizens (as a group) can lend money to other regular citizens (as a group) and therefore significantly reduce the risk of peer to peer lending.

  • Loan from friends
    Friends and family can be excellent sources of financial capital for personal emergency needs to starting a new business venture. Be careful not to ruin your reputation with a loved one!

  • Starting a business with no money
    Starting a business requires dedication, grit, resilience and skill. It also requires that you are resourceful and it is possible to start something with very little capital and even with no capital.

  • Finding extra income
    If you need a loan but have little reputation nor a job, it is also possible to find ways to make money online and offline as a way to substitute an expensive and needless loan.

Loans from Private lenders

Loans from Private lenders: Alternatives

Here are some bitcoin based alternatives to traditional lending. Note that these require significant time to understand and as a result should be used only by those with experience. Please visit this page, visit Reddit's cryptomarkets page and also search on for bitcoin lending information.