Free weed: drugs ain't funny

It might sound funny, but there are ways to get free weed if you don't have money. The first thing to add of course it that drugs are bad. You should not use drugs, even if they are free. But if you are going to smoke weed anyway you might as well do so without losing money. Here are some tips. If you're lucky you can try this free trial with HempThatWorks, available in all 50 states.

Grow your own

Green CulturED Online Cannabis College

Growing your own weed is illegal in many countries and states but not in all. Around the world there are many countries where you are allowed to grow your own weed-plants if it's for your own personal use. For example in the Netherlands you're allowed 5 plants, and funny enough as of November 9th 2016 you're allowed the same in California.

Growing them works best in an outdoor environment with lots of sun and enough water. Indoors is very well possible but you probably need to add artificial light and stuff, which costs electricity. You could consider trowing some seed-bombs in your direct environment and see how well they grow later on.

There are also a few online courses such as Green CulturED. There are also many good books around.

Stop smoking

Well, We can't repeat enough. Just stop it. If you're addicted to nicotine we have some good tips for you. Not only will you save your longs and the money you would be wasting on drugs, you will have less munchies so you'll save money on food. It's also less likely for you to loose your job, end up with endless credit card debts and payday loans and sit like a stoned couch potato in front of your TV.

Common option: Be nice

It's quite common to share "joints". The thing is called that way for a reason. If you're a nice person you can usually just ask people who are smoking a joint if you can join in and you'll be fine. There can be big differences in different countries, cities and neighborhoods though. In some places it can be a bad idea to just ask someone if you can share their spliff.

US option: Coupons

In the United States there are some websites that give out free weed. is the self-described “best place for finding coupons for weed. Our Medical Marijuana coupons are from the best collectives and dispensaries" in states with Medical Marijuana laws. Then there is WeedFreebies.Com, only for California residents.

Effects of drugs: not funny

The effect of cannabis on the memory of adults has not been proven, but it can be risky for children and adolescents, Wikipedia:

Long term exposure to cannabis poses a risk of irreversible cognitive impairment in children and adolescents; other than for the very highest of doses, no similar risk has been established for adults.[3] Changes in attention, psychomotor task ability, and short-term memory are associated with very recent (12 to 24 hours) marijuana use. Any long-term central nervous system effects of the residual drug are indistinguishable from variations in the user's susceptibility, or any pre-existing psychiatric disorder.

However, as far as mental health, cancer and respiratory problems, smoking cannabis is not so great. Still, in comparison to other drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, heroine and xtc the mortality and other adverse effects of marihuana are negligible.

Drug use may lead to couch surfing

Check our article about free pictures if you came here looking for pictures.

420 Matching

The best way to get free weed is to also get laid in the process. 420 Matcher is a simple way to make this happen.

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