Free Babysitting Co-ops

Child-rearing is a difficult journey, especially if the family you are starting up is still tip-toeing financially. Nannies are expensive luxuries, and babysitting can also be pricey and unsettling, especially if you don’t know the babysitter so well. Balancing work and family life is difficult indeed, but there are some innovative ways to address this issue.

If you and your partner are juggling full-time jobs and parenting, then you understand the hassle of trying to find a babysitter when you are busy. Babysitting co-ops are organizations of families who trade babysitting services amongst themselves. They are usually groups of like minded people, looking for the support in taking care of their child when they are away. It is a wonderful concept that is helpful to many parents.

What are the benefits of putting up or joining a babysitting co-op? Here are some of the best things about these organizations:

  • They are usually free. The service that you provide each other is equal in terms of value, so it’s really a matter of trust in each other’s families. There are some fees at times, but minimal compared to the benefit and savings you get from being part of the group.
  • They are great for people who love babies and children. There are many people in the world who are great with children. They are usually wonderful parents. You can trust your children in the hands of these loving people because they see the same love and care that you give each other's children.
  • They are great place for your children to find playmates. Your children will be exposed to other families, giving an opportunity to give them friends of their age and a much more open experience that being cooped up at home.
  • They also serve as a network of friends and support group. People who gravitate to these kinds of co-ops often have similar backgrounds. Sharing each others lives is a helpful and healthy experience.

Joining a babysitting co-op requires a lot of trust and love. Finding the right babysitting co-op for your family is also a big factor in this decision. If you find that this arrangement may work for you and your family, then be diligent and discerning for search. We hope that you find an excellent co-op that will help you build your own family in wealth and join other families in friendship as well!

Pregnant and no money

Pregnant and no money. What now? My wife and me were sitting at the midwife for our first appointment. We were talking about finances and we were asked how we thought to raise the money, without money. We were slightly confused by this question. And possibly naively we posed ourselves the question: "Money? Do we really need it for a baby?"