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Stopub Paris

I don't like advertising. There are many good reasons to not like advertising: audio-visual, environmental, political, financial and ethical aspects About ten years ago I was personally involved in some radical direct action against advertising in the Parisian métro, which was and still is chock full of ads. Well, and then, as it goes, later I started playing around with online AdSense advertising, which is indirectly the reason there's advertising on

Still I recommend anyone to install online advertising blockers:

I also created a convenient way to listen to advertising free online radio stations: Radio Meteor. If your favorite ad free station is missing, please add a feature request.

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Blockchain advertising

Blockchain advertising networks would be a great way to decentralize the web and give more power to publishers. Google is awesome, but it's also awesomely in control of the web. Facebook is likely to launch a competitor to Adsense, but that wouldn't really solve the core issue.