Cheap Train Travel

Travel by train has a very nostalgic air to it - conjuring images of Poirot’s adventures on the Orient Express, perhaps. It can also be a throwback to simpler times, without the advent of Uber.

Public transportation by train still stays as a choice of commute for many people. Whether you are a jaded local or an excitable traveler, the magic and convenience of an excellent train system and journey is important.

Here are some hot tips for traveling in style, all aboard the train!

  • Look for discount promotions and cards. Whether it’s a loyalty card or a season-pass promotion, always be on the lookout for popular deals the railway has cooked up. They are great for people who absolutely love to travel by train often. If not, you can still use the promotions to encourage yourself to take the scenic route more often!
  • Book trips in advance, and away from peak demand. Like most booking businesses, railways have found a way to make the most money by surveying peak seasons - and even hours! Of course, these companies have numerous ways to defend their cost. Avoid getting overcharged by making sure you book several months before you actually take the train. It may seem like too long a while, but you will be guaranteed extreme savings in the long run.
  • Try breaking down the long trip into several smaller trips. It is a strange concept that seems improbable, but it works. When you split your train tickets, they will have noticeable shaves in price point. Why this should be so is still a mystery, but it definitely gives control to a consumer.
  • Look for ticketing tools and tips online. Since several people take the train so often, they are sure to have noticed patterns and prices that are generally never fleshed out unless you experience the actual thing. Spare yourself the cluelessness and ask away on websites. These are real people with real life experiences that could prove valuable in saving you a lot of money on train travel.

Choo-choo-choose your way of travel and stay chic, no matter what train you decide to hop on! Adventure awaits!

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