Moneyless on the road

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I have just returned from a first successful trip without money through the Netherlands. Over three weeks walking from spot to spot, just with a hammock, some toiletry, sour dough for making bread and extra clothing.

I went from Amsterdam towards the German border at Denekamp, through Muiden, Naarden, Huizen, Zeewolde, Harderwijk, Elspeet, Vierhouten, Vaassen, Terwolde, Twello, Deventer, Bathmen, Rijssen, Delden, Hengelo, Losser, Lutte, Denekamp and Oldenzaal. From Oldenzaal I hitchhiked back to Amsterdam. For the the future I plan to hitchhike back to Oldenzaal to continue walking, throughout the Netherlands.

I mostly slept in forests and at times - when invited - in people's homes. I have baked bread, been in the home of a baker and I've often been invited by people for dinner or to sleep over. Apart from that people and shops have given me fruit, cheese and meat. I've also eaten warm meals in about 10 restaurants. I would enter the restaurant, tell about my journey without money and ask them if they would have some left-over food for me. To my surprise I would often get the house special.

People were often very surprised to meet me and hear about the reasons for my trip. Most people were happy to help me continue. The walking itself went well, every day was a new adventure. Sometimes you'd walk around 20-30km other days just 5. It all depended on how I met on a day and how I was feeling. Not having goals proved to be key here. If you don't have to be at someplace before dark (to find shelter and enough food was my only goal) you are free to go anywhere - or nowhere.

At the end of the trip I passed by a newspaper. I walked in and told my story. They wrote the article in Dutch you find above and in this post on my personal website.

We also have a more extended overview on how to travel without money on

Book: Steps Towards Inner Peace

The Peace-Pilgrim was a woman living almost 30 years without money, in the walhalla of money: the United States. She made many walking trips and took only little on those trips. She lived just from what people gave her and she never needed any money!

Her message was about an inner peace that is reachable by anyone. You as well! It's the ultimate form of happiness, always in peace with whatever is there. Always be at peace with yourself.

"Steps Towards Inner Peace" is the book published after her death. The book is available for free. You can order it at the website about the book and there is also a digital version in Dutch and other languages.

Also check Wikipedia for more information about her life and the website Peacepilgrim.

Dumpster Diving Tips

tips for dumpster diving

There's enough food for everyone, but a lot of food is chucked. Stores, consumers and producers simply dump a lot of good food! You can find this food by checking the bins you find outside of stores. Dumpster diving can also be a lot of fun!

Go hitchhike

A car costs a lot of money. A whole lotta money. Insurance, maintenance. Initial buying costs are very high and gas prices are mainly rising. And many cases you don't really need a car. Forget about it and go hitchhike!