Bitcoin Remittance

The rules of currency all over the world is becoming a confusing mix of different notes and coins. Because of this difference, we treat many currencies with different valuations that also change over time and history. Currency is a complicated business.

Bitcoin remittance service

Despite this, international remittance remains a big market, and people are working in different countries more often and trying to remit the money back to their home countries. There are many businesses that have been put up to facilitate these international transfers. They usually involve high charges and highly secure processes. These remittance centers have always been our convenient option - until the advent of digital currency.

  • Bitcoin remittance is more wallet-friendly in terms of costs. A large part of what makes remittance so expensive is the bulk of fees being added on my your service provider or your bank. You also have to plan smart and maximize the fees that is being but upon you. Now that the Bitcoin remittance is strictly online, there are less costs to be charged, helping many people save money as opposed to spending it on cash remittance.
  • Bitcoin remittance can potentially reach more corners of the world. Even in the most remote areas, as long as there is internet access, they will be able to give and receive Bitcoins as payments. Gone are the days when you need to drive to the next city to withdraw the cash you need so quickly. This is especially considerate to smaller provinces that do not have access to banks as they do in most first world countries.
  • Bitcoin remittance is quick and easy. The digital currency transfer is an experience of utter ease for two reasons. First is, calling out the obvious, almost everyone in the world has an online presence and access. Second, it allows for any amount to be sent. Whether $1 or $10,000, Bitcoin allows you to send almost instantly and without so much additional cost, no matter the amount you remit.

The world seems to become a smaller place day by day. We need to embrace this change and disrupt the world of finance with innovative ideas such as Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Lending

Bitcoin lending can be a channel for a steady passive income stream. The best way to understand how a person can make BTC lending work is seeing the parallel with the real estate market: investors buy real estate and rent properties out; so can investors buy bitcoin and "rent them out" too.

Bitcoin saving account

As I'm writing this the total market cap of cryptocurrencies is 60 billion dollars. I expect that in a decade from now the total market cap will be at least 1 trillion dollar. I'd like to automatically buy various cryptocurrencies every month, for example 100€ every month.

Blockchain advertising

Blockchain advertising networks would be a great way to decentralize the web and give more power to publishers. Google is awesome, but it's also awesomely in control of the web. Facebook is likely to launch a competitor to Adsense, but that wouldn't really solve the core issue.