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Is it possible to live without money? How to live without needing money? On Moneyless.org you'll find the answers to such questions, with inspiring examples, such as people who choose to live without money, tips on how to create a moneyless existence and stories about traveling and living without money.

Living without money is not easy. You have to really care and also give up some things. You will give up the comfort to buy what you desire. Instead you'll get another lifestyle: one in which you'll be happy with what you have. One in which you are obligated to be more creative to satisfy your needs.

Moneyless is more than that though. We have good tips for simply reducing dependence on money, information about alternative money such as the bankless currency Bitcoin and tips for living and traveling on a very limited budget.

Where do the homeless go in cold Lithuanian winters?

On this website you can find information about living moneyless that is sometimes somewhat glorifying. It's not always great to be without money, especially if you don't have a convenient place to go to in winters. As the climate in Northern Europe is moving towards sharper extremities, the coldest winter weeks become a real challenge for homeless people.

Learn how to code for free

Always wanted to learn how to code? You're interested in building apps or websites but don't know where to start? Or you think this will cost money? For that purpose there are many guides available online.

Free bitcoins

Bitcoin is booming. As I'm writing this 1 BTC is worth more than one thousand US dollars. That might just change in an instance. But what if you want to get started with bitcoins? A good way can be to get free bitcoins. You can do this in several ways.

Hospitality Exchange Networks

hospitality exchange

A great way to travel without money is by making use of free hospitality exchange networks. These networks facilitate travelers who are looking for fellow-travelers who are able to host each other. In most cases you can make use of these networks free of charge and through these network you can meet the greatest and most hospitable persons in the world.

Elf Pavlik - Moneyless since 2009

elf Pavlik

Elf Pavlik gave up money in 2009 after he had come back to Europe from San Francisco. In California he had been working for a highly competitive internet company that was mainly trying to compete with other companies, without really producing anything to make people happy. He decided he had enough of that and started living in nature for a while and he tried to give up money.

From Money God to the Unmonastery

With the pope claiming people should stop worshipping the money god there's all the more reason for Moneyless.org to thrive. Unfortunately the pope also urges the unemployed to "fight for work" (sic!).

Basic income

There's a good case to be made for a global basic income. An unconditional basic income for all means that every citizen would get a fixed amount of money, every month or every week. This would alleviate poverty and even that would already create so much prosperity that it's worth striving for.

Ditch your TV

Wake up Mexico! Turn off your TV!

Personally I haven't had a television since 2004. And even that was a portable black and white TV with a screen smaller than the surface of an iPad mini. Since then I have never felt the need to get another TV. On the contrary, I've often felt annoyed by the presence of TVs. Some people (and bars) leave their TVs on all the time.

Tomáš Sedláček about the post-crisis economy

Not that I watch a lot of TV. I don't even own a TV. But a long time ago I watched a lot of VPRO shows. VPRO is a Dutch slightly alternative broadcaster. Recently I bumped into VPRO's Tegenlicht again online. It's still one of my favorite Dutch TV shows.

From Dutch to English

A week ago my friend Kasper came up with the idea to start moneyless.org, a project to inform people how they can reduce the influence of money in their life, and ultimately how they could live without money at all.

Free haircuts

Free haircuts can be had in different ways. If you find yourself moneyless it doesn't mean you need to walk around like a bum. We all know hairdressers are quite expensive in the Western world. So let's look at some alternatives.

Dumpster Diving Tips

 trash turned treasure

There's enough food for everyone, but a lot of food is chucked. Stores, consumers and producers simply dump a lot of good food! You can find this food by checking the bins you find outside of stores. Dumpster diving can also be a lot of fun!

The Value of Money

It had been a long time I had touched money. If not for the couple of times I just had to buy some cat-food or else kitten would starve, it was easily over a year. But suddenly I was feeling the touch of money. I smelled it and it felt crispy.

I was unsure what to do with the bill of 20 euro my friend René had given me. I was staying with him in Lyon, France, and it was my turn to go to the market to buy the veggies and fruits for the house. I thought it was good to let go of the idea of not using money, and to experiment again to use it; to get a sense of what it would do to me.

No money for food

No money for food? Looking for free food? What now? On Moneyless.org we have quite a few tips to get food without money. There's no reason to starve if you don't have money. On the contrary. You can ask for food and you can search for food. If you follow some of these tips you might even eat tastier food than if you had bought your food.

Daily saving tips

Saving money, who does not want that? There are plenty of ways to save money. The best way is to spend no money at all. At Moneyless.orgyou can find many tips about how to lead a rich life without money. But what about saving money, and good tips for saving? There are many websites and blogs that can help you with that.

Living in a self-sufficient way

Something I haven't paid much attention to so far, on Moneyless: self-sufficiency. I wonder. Is it because I've always lived in a city? Or because I love travelling too much, which makes it hard to stay in the same spot?

Free Stuff

A lot of people give away their superfluous stuff with pleasure. They're doing this because it's a shame to throw away good things, or because they prefer to give away than to ask for money. Often people give away things that are not worth enough in their eyes, but they like to make others happy with it.

Not buying anything for one year

"Another month passed. The urge to buy is decreasing. Sometimes I see good deals and I'm seduced in a jiffy. Mostly about clothes." Thus wrote Jannie Spruit on her blog Eenvoudigwit (in Dutch) in February 2012 about her initiative to not buy anything for one year.

Dutch magazines: Mosquito, Enough, Happy

There are some interesting magazines out there related to consuming and spending less money. In the Netherlands we found three:

Car sharing

No money to buy a car? Be glad, because without a car you have fewer problems. You could try car sharing instead. Car sharing is a global trend and it can be a pretty good option besides public transport or even hitchhiking. Car sharing is a relatively good solution for saving money. Sharing a car without money is only possible if you're driving a sponsored car or if you have a friend who lets you use their car.

Pregnant and no money

Pregnant and no money. What now? My wife and me were sitting at the midwife for our first appointment. We were talking about finances and we were asked how we thought to raise the money, without money. We were slightly confused by this question. And possibly naively we posed ourselves the question: "Money? Do we really need it for a baby?"

Stop smoking and save money

Quit 1 Year Ago

Finally: it's been 1 year I quit smoking. Now I'm certain: I have really kicked the habit. What made me really stop it? I stopped using money and I couldn't "request" rolling tobacco or cigarettes. I spent a week with friends in Lyon who didn't smoke, and I stayed until I really quit.

Bake your own bread

Baking your own bread is quite simple, very nutritious and super fun to do. On top of that you need little or no money to do it. You do need flour, water and salt. With these three ingredients you can make the tastiest bread you ever tried. This is bread without yeast.

Give-away shop

Give away shop in Utrecht, 2004. PIcture taken by Bikepunk

Are you looking for clothes, books, toys, pans or just something new to use? You could give it a try at a give-away shop, sometimes also simply called free shop. That's not a store in the traditional meaning, but a place to find free stuff.


Bartering is a cheap and magnificent way to satisfy certain needs. Many people are bartering, exchanging things or services for other things or services but also companies are doing it more and more. Bartering is recommended if you want to live without money or if you want to save money.

Moneyless on the road

I have just returned from a first successful trip without money through the Netherlands. Over three weeks walking from spot to spot, just with a hammock, some toiletry, sour dough for making bread and extra clothing.

Effective Refusal

Last summer I was traveling in Portugal. Walking and thumbing. I hitchhiked from North to South and enjoyed all received hospitality. In those three months I have not spent any more, except sometimes when I received money from people and needed a break. I didn't have anything myself.

I didn't have plans and so I ended up in many adventures, not in the last because I was open to meet new people. And thus I met quite a few characters who were excellent at effectively refusing.

For example a man in Porto who was sitting on a bench holding the entire world in his hands.

Find Edible Plants


Fruit such as strawberries, apples and raspberries don't have to come from a supermarket. You can find it in your street, a park or a forest near you. You can reap this food relatively often. And except fruit there are also chestnuts, dandelions, wild herbs and a lot more.

Share stuff

Networks for sharing stuff are great to get to use things such as tools. You don't need to buy anything, because you can simply ask your neighbor if you can borrow from them. For example a bicycle pump or a ladder for painting. Many people are already doing this in their neighborhood: "Quickly ask the neighbor if we can borrow his drill."


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