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Here's a random list of things we want to do with Some of this might never happen. Other things have already, in which case this page helps us to see how we're progressing by links popping up here.


What is money?

  • power, control
  • exchange value
  • store of value
  • "invented by people for exchange"?
  • it's a collective belief
  • simplifies way of thinking
  • need money to live? need job to live? need conditions to live!

    money is debt

  • fractional reserve banking
  • money multiplier
  • money is (mostly) created when someone takes a loan
  • in US 10% is actual cash
  • interest can never be paid back

    local currencies

  • keeping money local
  • brixton pound


  • take banks and govt. out of money
  • decentralize
  • cryptocurrencies / bitcoin


  • less than 5 years old
  • mining
    - decentralized bookkeeping of transactions
    - every ~10 mins 25 new BTC for solving problem
  • current total: 11M, total at end of rewards: 21M
  • built-in inflation but limited supply so de facto deflation


  • tit for tat
  • origin of money? did people barter before money? probably NO!

    living moneyless

  • real life hack
  • requires versatility
  • hitchhiking
  • dumpster diving
  • generosity

    basic income

    "An unconditional basic income for all means that every citizen would get a fixed amount of money, every month or every week."

  • every citizen gets the same money every month
  • part of human rights
  • simplify/slash existing social welfare system and taxes
  • tendency towards increasing VAT
  • increase corporate tax
  • will allow people to do whatever they want
  • more creativity, culture, volunteering
  • less government


  • Create PDF e-book

    Write about

  • reuse trash-chic content
  • activists buying debt:
  • money in star trek
  • social money
  • openudc
  • interview moneyless folks
  • no money for clothes


    When did you become moneyless? And why?

    How did family and friends react to this? Has their opinion changed over time?

    What do you think of the commonly heard criticism: "what if everyone would do this?"

    Do you think you will go back to a life with money? Would you continue if you had children?

    Have you ever been thirsty, hungry or cold because you're without money?

    Can you recommend the moneyless lifestyle to your others?


  • tumblr
  • delicious
  • pinterest


  • logo
  • nicer theme
    Can we get that through Makerfox?
  • Use Free Software

    De pinguin Tux is het logo voor Linux

    Free software is software that is made ​​for people to use freely. It does not cost any money to use it. And besides, everyone has the right to the source code of the software to make changes and distribute the changes, which often turn out very well for the quality. The way free software works can also be a great way to transition towards a moneyless society.

    Ditch your TV

    No TV

    Personally I haven't had a television since 2004. And even that was a portable black and white TV with a screen smaller than the surface of an iPad mini. Since then I have never felt the need to get another TV. On the contrary, I've often felt annoyed by the presence of TVs. Some people (and bars) leave their TVs on all the time.