Decentralized Rideshare App

The Ethereum meetup in Amsterdam was well worth the little detour. Some gaps in my understanding were quickly filled thanks to Pikapay's Joris Bontje who managed to clearly explain the basics of the first turing complete blockchain - with a lot of help from a nifty Node.js Ethereum emulator. I also noticed a lot of interest in working on the platform. I managed to get excited about Java and even C# implementations of Ethereum. On the other hand it looks like Ethereum will only be live in Q4 of 2014, not sure if I can wait that long for practical projects. I did manage to set up an Ethereum MediaWiki on, my first .tips domain name.

I was a bit sad to see that my flight largely coincided with the Bitcoin hackathon in Austin, with large prizes promised by BitAngels. One of the first Bitcoin podcasts I listened after arriving in Israel (where I always have my own private tour guides) mentioned that a decentralized rideshare application was one of the winners! I immediately contacted my pal Callum who was one of the participants. He told me the team was mainly Israeli, so I contacted the predominantly Israeli MasterCoin folks and quickly was in touch with the group. We met up last week for a nice session and afterwards I spent more time with some people in Yodefat and near Jerusalem. This Thursday there'll be a 24 hour hackathon in Tel Aviv, hoping we can progress a bit then.

On you can see some information and there's code at

Now we have many many hard issues to solve, including how to ensure the location and where to store location data.

Meanwhile I'm curious to know if there's some bitcoinish and/or blockchain activity on the other side of the wall.

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