Decentralized Autonomous Wikis

When I started Coinwiki I knew there already some wikis out there. But when I started creating an overview I quickly realized that all these wikis are like islands. All are dealing with wikispammers, they all have to upgrade regularly and maintain servers or they have to go with a wiki hosting provider that will put ads and limit future possibilities. Not ideal. On top, many of the wikis all need the same content.

I had started in the first place because the bitcoin wiki is not well taken care if in my opinion. Recent changes are flooded with spammers and even though they don't actually edit any pages, like this it's impossible to see what is happening on the wiki. I tried to get in touch with some of the admins but none of them got back to me. I'll try again soon or maybe this blog post will help to establish some form of contact.

This shouldn't come as a surprise given my interest in decentralized autonomous corporations, but I have been in touch with some folks from MasterCoin and Invictus about wikis. I will take this a step further and reach out to all folks who are running cryptocurrency wikis. I think we should collaborate and make sure that all good

content is kept for later (without relying on the excellent What would be a good place to discuss and connect? I'm not a forum person myself and I've picked up some complaints about bitcointalk among MSC folks. Would a mailing list be better? Google Plus even?

Decentralized Autonomous Wikis

Then while collecting information, communicating, contemplating I realized that wiki itself should go DAC. If people are already thinking about ways to set up a DAC for video (I love the name, wetube, it reminds me of my dream I had once) let's also build a decentralized autonomous wiki! Find some inspiration with Datacoin and Namecoin but bootstrap this through MediaWiki as that's the main wiki platform around. We can start with a smaller wiki while keeping bigger possibilities in mind: a decentralized all encompassing encyclopedia where decisions about what goes in and what goes out is not in the hands of a few geeky wikimaniacs. And where useful work is rewarded with coins.

Green Links: Using Bitcoin to Fix Facebook, YouTube, and “Online Consumerism”

Inspired by my friend Joe's idea of green links we could implement a system where you have to pay some very small amount of coins for an edit to start but you will get this back (with profit) if your edit is considered useful by other people.

I'm not versed enough in the intricacies of cryptocurrencies so I pose some questions here:

  • Could the history and all changes of a wiki be regarded as a blockchain?
  • Could editing and rating wiki pages serve as mining?
  • How to keep out attackers?
  • How to make sure that articles do not collide while at the same time allowing different "wiki realities"? (update: a collision happens when articles are edited in 2+ different places at the same time, it will help to use a smart gittish way to merge but this will not always work)


I'm excited about this. I'm going to hack some code together and put it on github as soon as there's a minimal proof of concept (probably related to mewsh). Meanwhile I'm looking forward to your reactions on both federating cryptocurrency wikis as well as decentralizing wikis: edit the relevant pages on coinwiki, contact me directly or leave a comment!

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Blockchain advertising

Blockchain advertising networks would be a great way to decentralize the web and give more power to publishers. Google is awesome, but it's also awesomely in control of the web. Facebook is likely to launch a competitor to Adsense, but that wouldn't really solve the core issue.